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  • Greenaum

    Hey Peter,

    I dunno if you’re still reading these messages. And your website needs a sortout, Flash is dead, man! If your website guy doesn’t know what that means, you need to get someone who doesn’t just press “export as web page” on his Mac. It was a bit shonky to start with actually…

    Anyway I write to ask… The latest Bad Company, where Bad Company aren’t all dead, Danny Franks doesn’t appear to have even met the Krool Heart, and the Krool are actually just the Mizunderzdood Nize Guyze. What’s that about then? Is it some sort of joke or something? Cos it’s like a completely different strip to actual Bad Company.

    Even warming over it’s bones a few years ago with Kano (on that nice planet that brought ghosts back) worked as a story. It wasn’t the unstoppable thrill-power that the first 2 series was, but it was still pretty good. It kept Kano the same, and had the vaguely mystical, not-what-it-seems quality that Book 2 had.

    But then First Casualties was just !?!???? It doesn’t make sense!

  • Amber Garza

    Hi Peter, I am in the same boat at Dan Stein/Dan Dj Fresh.

    I’m the foreign rights licensing agent for Image Comics and I’m wondering if you’re handling your own licensing for THE DISCIPLINE. I have interested parties, so let me know!

  • Dan Stein

    Hi Peter
    Trying to get in touch with you. Have followed you on Twitter. Have something would like to discuss 🙂

    Dan Dj Fresh
    (Hot right now, Golddust etc) X

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