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  • Joshsapien

    Just wanted to post a quick note about how much I’ve enjoyed your work since I first discovered it 25 years ago. I’m glad to see you getting so much work lately and enjoy Shadowman as much as anything I’ve read from you. Looking forward to Terminal Hero, The Names and The Discipline

    • Milligan

      Thanks. Terminal Hero is strange and twisted but I think human too. Some very bizarre and terrible circumstances surround it that i might discuss some time. I believe The Names to be some of my best stuff I’ve written for Vertigo. I also feel passionate about what the story is at heart about: the financial cabals who carve up the world and who were responsible for the recent financial collapse and who generally got away scot free for their greedy crimes and criminal oversights. The Names is about someone who has been personally and horribly affected by all this and decides to do something about it. There’s also some Vertigo-style weirdness among the wall street billionaires. Hope as many of you as possible order it and read it. it’s 9 issues long so intense and full on.


      • joshsapien

        It seems that most of your is about smaller, personal aspects of larger circumstances. Do you write that way because you feel like you have more to say on a smaller scale and let that be representative of your thoughts on the bigger picture?

        For example, you say the Names is about an individual who was wronged by corporate malfeasance, another example is the story in Greek Street concerning the “war on terror” but focusing on how it affects the individual. Do you think that’s where your strength as a writer particularly lies, or do you feel that if you tackled the big picture issues as a whole that the message wouldn’t translate? Or even another option- I think that the personal can serve as a parable for the larger scenario.

      • joshsapien

        Now I’m extremely curious about the circumstances surrounding Terminal Hero. I remember years ago in an interview you said you don’t go a day without visiting your pals systolic and diastolic and at the time I feared the worst.

  • Matt

    I wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying what you’re doing in Shadowman, thus far. The first three issues of your run have been gripping and suitably strange. No disrespect to other creators who’ve worked on the character before, but I’d never bothered with the book until you were attached. After reading your first issue, I subscribed to the monthly issues and the trade paperback collections! It’s nice to see you writing something that’s in a similar vein as Hellblazer. I hope you’re on Shadowman for many more issues to come.

    • Milligan

      Thanks Matt. Really appreciate that. I’m really into Shadowman and have a lot of ideas of where I want and plan to take this character. I love the atmosphere of the book and hope you continue to dig it.

      MESSAGE TO EVERYONE, I’m appearing at the L.S.CC. this Sunday (MARCH 16) , at London’s Excel Centre. It would be great to see as many of you there as possible


    • Milligan

      Systolic and diastolic. Fear not, due to good exercise and diet I rarely speak to these guys now, as they know their places and stay there. Terminal Hero is about a guy who learns he has cancer. And soon after i started writing it (I think I was on issue two) cancer – in people close to me, not me – appeared in the reality of my life. I don’t believe it was magic or I’d hexed anything but it was uncanny and affected the way I approached the book from then on. In some strange – or not so strange – way the book helped. It probably got darker and more bile crept into it.

  • Jack Morrison

    Hey Peter,

    Curious: Any updates as to when The Discipline and Terminal Hero will be Out ?


    • Milligan


      Terminal Hero is being drawn and written as we speak. I’m not sure now when it’s coming out. Soon, I hope. The Discipline is now on the back burner but I am writing a new book for Vertigo. This is called THE NAMES. It deals with the world of high finance (among other things) but in a very bloody, revengeful kind of way. It’s also being drawn by the brilliant Leo Fernandez


  • chetan patel

    Hello Peter,

    Just wanted to write and say that I love your work. Enjoyed it from way way back. Shade is one of my favs.

    Thanks for so much for the great writing.

    Any plans to come to Toronto for signing?

    I know you are a fan of the east Indian culture. Check out my comic karmakomic.com.

    Thanks again.

  • Rac

    Hey, Peter.

    So, I was going through a thread about different comic book projects that were announced and then didn’t happen, and I was feeling very sad about all the wonderful projects that never made it and how interesting they sounded and it got me thinking …just how bad are backstage politics in this industry? But soon after I asked that question, my face dropped. Why? well, I had just come across Bizarre Boys which would’ve seen my two favorite comic book writers collaborate on a title with a very cool and interesting pitch joined by the immense artistic skills of Jamie Hewlett(loved your Hewligan’s Haircut btw and his art was phenomenal in it). Knowing this never happened pains me every day, I hope it never went through ’cause Hewlett dropped out of comics, not because you two just never really put much effort into it, or backstage politics.

    Here’s hoping you have a great 2014, looking forward to Terminal Hero and that Vertigo project(hope it doesn’t get sidelined again), also the Doop mini, sucks that it’s set during a crappy X-title crossover; also sucks that Mike Allred is wasting his talents on a badly written comic instead of you two reuniting on X-Statix related stuff but I’m still really looking forward to this. Also hoping to see your amazing works see reprints, more people should experience the masterpieces that you’ve done over the years.

    Stay well.

  • David McDonald

    Hello Peter,

    I have enjoyed you worked over the years, Skreemer and Enigma are two of the best comics I have ever read, soft spot for Egypt too.
    I am writing up a series of articles on British comics, and I am trying to pin down you non-2000AD work.
    I have the Hard Men with Mike Western from the Eagle, I have it on reasonable authority that you did work for the short lived Wildcat, and possibly the toy tie-in Mask. I wonder if you would be able to identify what work you did on these titles especially Wildcat.

    All the best


    • Milligan

      God, that’s kind of lost in the mists of time. Let me think about that. Any news I’ll get back to you.

      • David McDonald

        Thanks Peter, Wildcat was a great little comic, and I have got hold of some editorial material that suggests that you wrote the story called Loner in Wildcat, which then continued on into the new Eagle.I published a fanzine recently called Beyond 2000AD, you can see more information at my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/HiberniaComics?ref=hl

        Thanks David

      • David McDonald

        Hello Peter,
        I’m just wondering if any memory has come of writing ‘Loner’ or any other character from Wildcat or the Eagle? I have also spotted in a few places you referred to as Irish, Is this correct, I have presumed from interviews that you are British.


  • Ignacio

    Hello Peter,

    Im a fan of your work, I think your comics are an another level. This year I had been very interested in your work since I start to read your hellblazer run (its really great, I think is the best) years ago, that I enjoyed very much and reread another times and when I knew that was cancelled(I dont understand that decision, the history its was really good) , that carried me to search for more of your work and enjoyed very much with girl, human target, skreemer, enigma( that I wanna read again), greek street, the minx( only the first three numbers are in spanish XD), xtatix, the extremist,the programme( that I found in the public library, its was cool), I read others of your work but that are my favourites. And now I waiting for your next work, what its a safe buy. Would be cool that you make a latin american tour and pass for Chile and signs some books. sorry for my english XD.
    I had some questions:
    – What happen with the project of zombistas?
    – Do you know if its gonna be a spanish edition of your work with brendan mcarty?

    I’ll be reading, keep it up

    • Milligan

      Thanks Ignacio. No plans for a South American signing but it would be cool. Chile I’m sure is amazing. Zombistas is on the DC back shelf at the moment (politics, I believe). Pity, it’s very interesting. I believe there is some of Brendan and my work in Spanish. Not sure what.


    • Milligan

      THOUGHT BUBBLE: A quick word to say that I’ll be at LEEDS THOUGHT BUBBLE this weekend. Saturday, actually. I’ll be doing a SIGNING between 2-3PM on saturday at table 195 NEW DOCK HALL. Then I’ll be wandering around, waiting for people to buy me drinks or coffees. Be great to see as many of you as possible


    • Anonymous

      ANNOUNCEMENT. Very exciting news from DC COMICS. There is a story I’ve been aching to write and which I’ve been working on. This story has now taken the place of THE DISCIPLINE (for now). The artist is the same – the wonderful LEANDRA FERNANDEZ – but the story is different. This is a dark thriller called THE NAMES. More details soon.

      • volvox turbo

        Hi Peter,
        i was re-reading Artaud’s translation of Kafka & Duchamps’s run on the Justice League and remembered how they stole a lot from Bizarre Boys and how i always wanted to know:
        Was BB ever more than two jokes, a title and an idea? Did the mighty Hewlett start preliminary work or something?
        Because i never know which is my favorite imaginary comicbook between Big Numers and BB

      • Rascal Third

        Can you tell us anything more about The Names, Peter? I suppose this hasn’t been officially announced as I haven’t read any press release or interviews about the series. And what of The Discipline? From the details I’d read this looked rather interesting. Will it see print in the near future, or one for the long-term back-burner. Hope you can divulge more information, as DC permits.

        I’m also re-reading X-Statix. Marvellous stuff, and strikingly unusual in retrospect, for a Marvel book.
        I like that characters you have created or defined at both Marvel and DC (Shade, Dead Girl, etc.) have somehow remained ‘yours’ and largely untouched or unchanged by new writers. That’s either circumspection and huge respect by the publishers, or some literary magic you’ve cast on the characters!
        Would you consider revisiting the X-Statix if the opportunity came along, or is Marvel much more conservative now than it was back then? (10 years? Cripes!)

    • Marc N. Kleinhenz

      Hey Peter,

      My name’s Marc Kleinhenz, and I’m a freelancer who’s written for a number of sites, including the Huffington Post, IGN, and Comic Related. I’m currently in the middle of doing a book on “Knightfall,” and I’d very much love to speak with you about it (Denny O’Neil suggested it, as he, unfortunately, doesn’t remember much about the earliest stages of the project). I’d be happy to chat via phone, Skype, or email — whatever would work best for you.

      In the meantime, if you wanted to see some of my Bat work, please follow this link:


      Thanks for your time.

      Best regards,

      Marc N. Kleinhenz

  • Pixie Solanas

    Hi Peter,

    At the risk of coming off like run of the mill fanboy gushing, I just wanted to say that you are my absolute favorite writer of all time and I have enjoyed your work immensely. “GIRL” remains the greatest comic series i’ve ever read and holds a particularly close place in my heart. Thank you providing challenging reads that engage beyond the mere superficialities, unlike most of the pieces of mere product on the market. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming next!

    • Milligan

      Pixie, don’t fight it, say it, say it loud, gush away. I re-read GIRL the other day and was pleased at how fresh and contemporary it still feels so I’m happy to that it meant a lot to you.

  • David Rees

    Hi Peter,
    I’m eagerly awaiting my copies (Christmas-made-easy) of the BoM&M book – looks all set to be a big hit, and the fact that Brendan included the Strange Days commission he did for me made me giggle and glow with girlish pride. It’s fantastic to see so many great stories and characters made widely available after such a long time in the wilderness; a lot of people are in for a real treat.
    One quick question: can you expand on the hints Brendan gave in the Mark Kardwell / Robot6 interview about a new Johnny Nemo collection? Is it a Best of Milligan & Ewins kind of deal? If so, any clues as to what might be included? Skreemer?
    Cheers, David

    • Milligan

      I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Best of M&M. It really looks beautiful. I can also confirm that Titan are publishing The Complete Johnny Nemo, all the old insanity plus one equally bloody crazy new tale. This will be coming out next year, maybe late spring. I hope as many as you as possible check this out.


  • AEL

    But what were your thoughts on the animated short?!
    And speaking of Shade…I finally read the whole thing last month and it’s one of my favorite series now…but for the actual question (I don’t know if you’ve been asked about this): Did you ignore what happened in the last arc [After Kathy] in your Hellblazer run because Shade was still upset about Kathy or did something happen in between those two stories?

    And regarding to your Shadowman run, can you try talking into making their trade content bigger for it?

    • Milligan

      All right, I think the short was okay, considering the time they had. A bit reductive, though. And could have been a lot crazier and weirder for my tastes. As for your second question, by the time Hellblazer came about Shade’s mental state had moved on, he’d had a lot of time to brood about KAthy, and clearly some things had been going on his head or his reality (which in Shade’s case can be the same thing). I’d always painted Shade as a kind of soft poetic character. I wanted to explore the other darker side of his personality.

      I’m not quite sure what you mean by your Shadowman question. Do you mean putting more issues into their trade paperbacks? Or maybe talking more about it and bigging it up more? If it’s the first I can do that. If it’s the second, I think they’re giving my run a push, I’ve done several interviews.

      While I’m here, just a reminder that I’m signing at FORBIDDEN PLANET this saturday 1PM 14th September. Brendan McCarthy and I will both be there signing THE BEST OF MILLIGAN AND MCCARTHY, which comes out this week. Be great to see as many of you as possible.

      • AEL

        But why WOULD he broad? Didn’t Kathy come back in the last issue? Or did everything after issue #50 happen in Shade’s head? Or did something happen again to Kathy? Was it a retcon?!

        Yes, I meant issues. Valiant trades seem to collect just four issues or so. And that wouldn’t be enough Milligan!

        Btw can you link to any podcasts with you? I’ve found the Hellblazer one with Delano and Diggle but I haven’t found any other ones (if there are any)…

      • Milligan

        Hey AEL

        The thing is, regardless of what happened afterwards, Kathy did die in 50. Shade went through that trauma. I felt she’d died and something changed in the comic. The thing with Shade is, it’s hard to say “did it happen in his head.” Because what happens in his head – due to his powers – can also happen in the outside objective world. I believe only some of what happened after 50 was NOT created by Shade’s mad head. By the time Hellblazer came around kathy was dead and Shade had been brooding about it and about her imagined or real “thing” for Constantine.

        As far as Valiant/Shadowman and the trades goes I’ll pass this along to them. I agree, four issues seems light.

        You can’t at present link to any podcast with me.

  • The Boston Strangler

    New! Launch Party and Talk. The best of Milligan and McCarthy Tuesday September 18th.
    Click here for details: http://www.petermilligan.co.uk/launch_party.html

  • Nick

    Hey Mr. Milligan, I’m looking forward to the Discipline. Will be nice to see you back in your wheelhouse with Vertigo. Will this be related to the Extremist in anyway?

    • Milligan

      Story-wise, the Discipline is not related to The Extremist in an way. It’s a completely different thing. That said, people who liked The Extremist will also dig The Discipline.

    • Milligan

      Again, The Discipline is in no way related to The Extremist, other than it’s edgy, sexy, and for Vertigo.

      Talking of edgy and sexy I have to tell everyone about the other new project i’m really excited about. This is a new venture for me with an independent publisher: Dynamite. We’re producing a book called TERMINAL HERO. A kind of punk Sf Horror about a good man who discovers he’s only got a short time to life. But Rory Fletcher does not accept this: he tries to do something about it. And in doing so discovers new and shocking things about himself. We’ll be deciding on an artist soon. This book won’t be for the weak or easily disgusted. Hope you guys can check it out. Cheers!

      • RS

        Can we hope this is an ongoing series, Peter? Although, the title rather suggests it may not be! Really looking forward to seeing you going back to creator-owned material, and the Jae Lee cover, just posted online, looks very weird. Does this mean you’ll be attending San Diego Comic Con?

      • Joe

        This sounds really good but I fear for the art, Dynamite doesn’t have good artists, sadly…The Jae Lee cover does make me a bit hopeful.

        Great to be hearing about upcoming projects, hope there’s even more. Cheers and good luck.

      • Milligan

        Terminal Hero is an on-going series.. Yes, the Jae lee cover is weird, which is good. Hoping we get a really good artist on this one. Cheers.


      • volvox turbo

        two new milligan books? mature readers creator-owned books? no fucking justice x-lantern?
        i’m back in the comicshop
        (well, of course i’m back for the new sandman first, but still, i’m so excited)

    • Milligan

      Thanks, Nick. I love working for Vertigo. The Discipline is not a follow on or a sequel in any way of The Extremist. From a distance there are similarities: they’re both edgy and sexy and the main protagonist is female, but they’re entirely different stories. The Discipline is a much “bigger” story, and goes further than The Extremist.

      I suppose I like edgy, sexy stories with female protagonists.


    • Milligan

      Just to remind anyone who’s interested, and those who don’t think they’re interested but really should be, that THE BEST OF MILLIGAN AND MCCARTHY is due for release by TITAN BOOKS and now’s the time to order a copy. It really is a piece of work, packed full of most of the best stuff Brendan and I have created over the years. I’m incredibly pleased with the way it looks and I hope you will be too


  • Joe

    I just realized a horrible truth, you’ve been left with no ongoings. Please tell me you have projects coming up in the future.

    • Milligan

      Joe, nice of you to notice. I’ve been keeping busy, though. I have a new series for VERTIGO that I’m working on. It’s called THE DISCIPLINE, we have a fantastic artist that I’m very excited about but I can’t reveal who he is until I get the ok from the DC publicity machine. I also have a few other irons in the fire I’m working on. More news as and when I have it.

      • Joe

        Mr. Milligan, I just saw the official announcement for The Discipline, it sounds solid, really looking forward to it. I’m not familiar with Mr. Fernandez’ work but your confidence in him leaves me with great joy. I’m patiently awaiting this series to hit.
        I’m sad you didn’t get the Creeper gig, me and a couple of buddies sent DC some letters, trying to reunite you with your old collaborator Brendan McCarthy, but I guess it was all just a big beautiful dream we had one night. Would’ve sure loved to see some more magic from one of the best duos in comics history, but alas…
        Stay well, Mr. Milligan, I hope I hear some more news about upcoming projects from you, especially now that we’re about to experience a Vertigo rise, maybe Shade The Changing Man will finally be collected in trade, maybe one of the very best comics of all time, Enigma, will get a deluxe treatment.

      • Milligan

        Leo Fernandez is doing some great work on the serious. It’s very edgy, and it’s great that Vertigo are still able to publish something as dark and “out there” as The Discipline.

        On an unrelated note, I’m unable to attend the London comic con this weekend, regardless of what it says on its website. However Brendan McCarthy and I will be at Forbidden Planet on 14th September to sign copes of The Best of Milligan and McCarthy. Hope to see you all there. Should be fun.

  • sigismund

    Hi Peter,

    just went trough DARK HORSE’ July sollicits and what do I see ?
    >> parallax/ skin and rogan gosh re-printed ????????????????
    That will be hard to wait til July ..!

  • DC Cancels Its Longest Running Series, Hellblazer, And Replaces It With New 52 Title, Constantine - Page 88

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  • A.E.L.

    Just finished reading Hellblazer #300. Ha, didn’t expect that. Thanks for the great run, it was my favorite of the whole series. Can’t wait to read your upcoming work ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Screaming Meat

    Upon your earlier recommendation (and after much pleading), The Wife managed to bag me a copy of your ‘Suicide Bridge’ annual for Christmas. No puffing smoke between thy pasty buttocks: That was some excellent, classic Hellblazer right there. Nice one.

    It’s a tragedy we won’t get to see the return of that malevolent Bridge-bastard. I’d never considered the weird (I can’t think of a better word for it) synchronicity of people using bridges to get to the ‘other side’.

    RIP Hellblazer

  • Nick

    Hey Mr. Milligan – You’re off Hellblazer, Stormwatch, and Red Lanterns now? Please tell us you’re doing more DC work. You and Grant Morrison are the best talents they have!

    • Milligan

      Thanks, Nick. In fact I’m working on a new project with Vertigo. What some people might think is more of my natural territory. Will talk more about this in the very new future.

      • Ken Viola

        Peter- Time has passed since I wrote. Some comments here withstanding: You are and will always be one of my Favorite Writers, and Again I Thank You from My Head & Heart for your Work.

        Strange Days, Sooner or Later, Bad Company, Hewligan’s Haircut, Bix Barton,Mirkin,Skin & Rogan Gosh all pushed the rare unique magic of words&pictures onward. Then Skreemer, A Man, B Man,
        Shade(a Brit’s acurate savage view of my Country, I feel like I’m on Drugs without taking any, hey we have 1-50 BUT HOW GREAT ARE THE REST! INCREDIBLE!), Enigma(BRAVO!), Extremist, Face, Eaters, The 2000ad extentions The Dead, Freaks, Tribal Memories, Shadows……A1 King Leon, Mr. X…London,Girl,The Minx.

        I have yet to find/read Electric Hoax & Summer of Love.

        I divide the writing into 2 phases, with your excellent Film work, Inferno & An Angel For May in the middle.

        X Force/Statix, Dead Girl, Droop(Great Run, Princess Di’s Life cut short), the extremely underated Human Target, Flowers For Rhino, X-Men(You made me read X-Men), The Programme,
        Sub Mariner:The Depths, The Bat & The Beast, After Dark, Kid Amazo, The Bronx Kill, 5 Ronin,
        Greek Street, FANTASTIC Run on Hellblazer, Venom, Toxin, Punisher…

        Thank You for what you’re Accomplished for Yourself & All of Us IN BOTH PHASES.

        I support and enjoy your other work-for-hire stuff as well, anything that keeps you WRITING!


      • Anonymous

        Please Peter, will we ever see Zombistas!?

      • Nick

        Thanks for the response. I’m looking forward to your Vertigo project. Also digging Legends of the Dark Knight. Would be nice if you could do more Batman work.

  • Richard

    Peter, sorry to learn you are leaving Stormwatch. You mentioned recently there will be changes, and while I wonโ€™t assume thatโ€™s an oblique reference to a new Shade series (!), does it mean you will be inheriting an existing title at DC, or perhaps starting a new one?

    Oh yeah, if you havenโ€™t already located Ted McKeever, you might want to contact Image Comics. Mr McKeever has a new series, Miniature Jesus, due from the publisher in April 2013. Looks unusual…

  • Wear and Tear

    I just noticed the first issue of the Off the Road USA arc of Shade went online last week, does this mean there are plans to finally collect the rest of your Shade the Changing Man are in the works?

  • Milligan

    Hey, chaps. Sorry I’ve been a bit silent recently. And sorry if some of you aren’t enjoying my later stuff as much as you might. The short answer is i’ve no plans to leave DC but there will be some changes. And I have some ideas that I think might get some of you excited.

    On a different note, I’m trying to get in touch with Ted McKeever. Could someone out there put me in touch with him? Maybe you could leave an email on the private conversation function on this site.

    cheers, and keep the faith


    • Jack

      Hey, Pete. Sorry to to against what you’ve heard but I’m enjoying your Red Lanterns. Really hope you get some more Vertigo projects because with vertigo you’ve managed to put out some of the very best comics I have ever read in my entire life. Also hoping DC give you and Brendan McCarthy that Creeper mini/maxi series.

      In Milligan We Trust.

    • Dayglow Cola

      Your apology of your recent work really makes me feel like I owe you an apology for being so harsh on it. It’s certainly not the worst writing in comics it’s just they don’t match up that well to your older works. I don’t really blame you for this either, with the stuff I’ve heard going on at DC right now I’m kinda blaming the editorial pressure there. I mean Rozum said he couldn’t get out an issue without a fight scene in it, so I assume you must be facing similar troubles.
      So sorry again for being a little harsh on your modern work, I’m excited to see how you might shake things up and I’ve sent a letter to Shadowline asking for them to get McKeever in contact with you. Hope everything works out for the best, and cheers.

      • Milligan


        Don’t feel bad. Not unless you really really want to feel bad. In which case, be my guest

        I’m hoping and am confident of starting a brand new Vertigo series early next year. Can’t say anything definite yet but I’m really excited by it

        All the best, and here’s wishing all of you a great holiday season, whatever the name of your god, or even if your god remains nameless because he or she does not exist.

      • daniel balyeat

        Don’t really understand all the criticism of Mr. MIlligan’s recent work. Red Lanterns has been (along with Morrison’s Batman Inc.) one of the best of the new 52. Red Lanterns issues 1-6 were brilliant. It’s gone a bit downhill since then but issue 13 was a return to form. And the early issues of JL Dark were stellar as well.
        Looking forward to this new Vertigo series (especially if it involves Ted Mckeever… a sequel to the Extremist perhaps?) Whatever it is it should be interesting… Keep up the good work Mr. Milligan

    • R0NIN

      Since it seems there has been an Eminence of Blades on the various Stormwatch teams throughout the year can we please get a new one to replace Harry? Preferably another male swordsman. Female and villain/exvillain swordsmen are a dime a dozen. But heroic male swordsmen heroes are super rare.

    • sigismund

      >> about Ted Mc Keever, I think it works via Image / Shadowline

  • daniel balyeat

    Hey Peter, I’m a huge fan of your work. I was just wondering if you were at all familiar with this film– http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Red_Lantern I was just sorting through some sheet music for the songs that are featured in this film… the lyrics all seem to be centered on revenge and bloodlust. It seemed as if it must somehow be connected to your monthly DC title (which I have been enjoying quite a bit BTW)

  • Dayglow Cola

    Hello Mr.Milligan, I was wondering with Karen leaving and Hellblazer ending, do you think you’ll be making your exit from DC soon too? Cause it seems like their editorial restrictions are pressing down on you in every one of your titles, and I’d like to see you fly the coop to write stories like your older stuff.

    • sagamore sherazade

      Yes, please, Before Watchmen, Constanteen, now Berger leaving, i guess -even if it’s been clear for years- now it’s obvious, everyone can see it: this company is the devil itself, i can’t buy any title they publish and i can’t put myself in a situation where i boycott peter milligan comics. So please peter, leave them to die and go create great and strange and beautiful things with words and picture away from them….

      • Dayglow Cola

        I don’t have a problem with what DC is publishing right now, cause companies just do things like that, my problem is more with what Milligan is putting out these days. Everything he’s been writing just seems so phoned in and lifeless so I can’t imagine he’s very happy writing there, and with his tenure on Hellblazer coming to a close I can’t see any reason he’d be staying. I just hope he leaves soon and goes to a place where he can start writing to the best of his ability rather than just handing scripts in to put bread on the table.

  • Screaming Meat

    Greetings & Salutations, Mr Milligan.

    Just bought Bloody Carnations. Bloody marvellous read (Oh, Christ… I’m so sorry about that). Investigated who had written it. To my surprise ’twas you, sir, the man behind Bad Company, the 2000AD strip that delightfully freaked me out in my formative years (Spoiler alert: THEY WERE ALL DEAD??!?! How can a developing teenage mind take that kind of existential punishment…?). That synchronicity made my brain fizz in its shallow bone container. Similar thing happened with The Invisibles; Mr Morrison only went and wrote bleedin’ Zoids as well, didn’t he? That was pretty much the first comic I ever read.

    Writers with careers, eh? Mentalnissimo.

    Anyway, thank you for the free head rush and the excellent writing. Can’t wait to read more of your shenanigans.


    Screaming Meat

    • Milligan

      Hah hah. Thanks for this, screaming meat. Or should that be, thanks for this screaming meat?

      If you liked Bloody Carnations do check out my other Hellblazer books. You might like the annual, SUICIDE BRIDGE. I think it was possibly my most successful John Constantine story.



      • Screaming Meat

        Thanks for the reply, chief.

        Hmmm… A John Constantine story with you on writing duties and Bisley on art once more…? Just take my money now.

  • P. Sven

    Is there any lick of a chance that you will be making a cameo at MorrisonCon?

    • Milligan

      I won’t be going to any con in the near future but i WILL be doing a couple of signings in London. On Sunday September 30 between 1pm and 4pm at the ROYAL NATIONAL HOTEL, Bedford Way, LONDON WC1.

      Next month (October) on the 18th between 6-7pm. Forbidden Planet, London.

      It would be excellent if as many of you as possible could show up, either for signing or just to chat and hang out.



  • Anonymous

    Hey Pete is there any chance of getting DC to give you and the amazing McCarthy a Creeper mini, possibly with miss Karen Berger as the editor? See, I was chatting with a few friends recently about Liefeld being offered the book before quitting, and after a moment of cringing someone remembered McCarthy once wanted to do a Creeper series. Now that mixed with the fact that you’re currently signed under DC mad us all think of how simply sublime a Creeper series made by you two would be, especially when factoring in all the things you could do with the near schizophrenic wall crawler and his very loose sense of identity. Now I know there’s a really slim chance of this happening, but with McCarthy recently finishing Zaucer of Zilk and Karen Berger doing some of the editorial work on the Dark line recently, I just thought it’d be the perfect chance to see you get something amazing out. So would you please consider pitching it to Karen, cause I’d really give my left arm to make this happen.

    • Scott Walker

      I second this proposal, and would give my right arm – as a left-hander, thereby offering two functioning appendages in the offering – to see this published.
      I suggest Steve Ditko’s manic/maniac creations remain a perfect match for the combined McCarthy & Milligan sensibilities, the Shade series having set the bar for revivified Ditkoese creations, and one long overdue a proper, honourable revisitation. I don’t see much trace influence of Ditko in the Nu52 (overlooking the negligible, regrettable – IMHO – Hawk & Dove), and that’s to it’s loss and discredit. What say yea, Mr Milligan? How about draping Jack Ryder’s crimson boa about your collective shoulders – figuratively speaking – for at least a mini-series, if not a blazing, mindwarping ongoing in the fourth, or fifth wave of DC solicitations?

    • A Kriekos

      As a fan of the character, Ditko, Milligan, McCarthy and Berger, this is the dream of dreams. If another limb is required for this to go anywhere, mark the count up to three. It impresses me that DC thought to have any interest in the character, and a creative team helmed by Milligan on a Creeper mini or ongoing just seems like the next logical step.
      I understand the chance of this happening is slim, as stated, but it really is something that would reinvigorate my interest in DC that is slowly fizzling out. I support this idea passionately but also wish only the best of luck in your future at DC or otherwise, Mr. Milligan, and as always look forward to whatever you produce.

    • Brian JM

      Let’s make this happen! Contacting DC might work: http://www.dcentertainment.com/contact

    • Milligan

      This is interesting. Let’s see what happens.



      • Anonymous

        Sorry to bother you about this issue again, but with the new wave of titles being announced and no news of a Creeper title, I was wondering if you could give us any news on whether or not this is any closer to becoming a reality.

  • gracchus Felawek

    next month there is an issue of an x-men book focusing on doop, pencilled by Mike Allred, i think it’s the first real thing done with an x-force character without you, how do you feel about that?

  • Salazar Godot

    Is it true about the new Marvel Milligan/McCarthy’s “weird avengers” book with Doctor Strange and Doop?
    And if it’s not true, why?

  • Anonymous

    Hello, I am an old fan of Jack Hawksmoor and I have no clear which is his new power set. Is he still superstrong, tough an agile or is he physically normal now? And do you plan to write an issue centered around him anytime soon? Thanks.

    • Milligan

      Sorry. Been a bit busy and away from London for a while. So didn’t get around to answering this. To answer your question, Jack’s strength comes mainly from his ability to interact with and manipulate urban environments. I do want to write an issue focussing on Jack in the near future. As you’ve noticed I’m trying to get further under the skin of all these fascinating characters.

      keep reading!


  • Minh Nguyen

    Hello Peter,
    I know I ask this question every year :-), but are you planning to attend the San Diego Comic Con or New York Comic Con this year. Would love to meet you and buy you many pints! Cheers!

    • Milligan


      I’m not coming to SD this year but the offer of many pints is surely tempting. I’m sure you’ll get your wish some day. I’m off to Florence tomorrow and am pretty excited about that. Renaissance art and Italian food. How bad can it be? And to reply to an earlier visitor, where did you hear about Crazy Jane joining Stormwatch?

      • sigismund

        hi Peter,

        I’m the early visitor (sorry to have posted anonymous but I should have been in hurry) who “didn’t hear about Crazy Jane joining STORMWATCH” but only suspecting it, as quoted. Having at the time just buy THE DARK SIDE tpb, I was happy to discover that Crazy Jane was at one point supposed to join the roster we know. It didn’t happened ( Miguel Sepulveda’ design is awesome BTW) but when I learned Martian Manhunter was leaving the team, something in me couldn’t help but hope..

        Just wanted to know your opinion about it but as I said my whole post had been deleted

  • Anonymous

    arg…my last comment deleted.. why ?
    I was just telling how happy I was to suspect Crazy Jane would maybe jump sooner or later on STORMWATCH, why Damon Packard should direct a Shade’ feature and something about..you know, eaters..


  • Redacted

    Dear Peter, you and Morrison were pretty close at one point, or at least I’d assume from how highly he regards your work and that failed comic centered around you two. Are you one of the guests for this mysterious Morrison-Con? Also do you have any plans to publish some independent work any time soon? Cause while I’m enjoying what you’re putting out now, I really miss the sort of stuff you did for Vertigo, Eclipse, and 2000 A.D.

  • Heather

    Hey, I’m excited that you will be writing Storm Watch since you’re one of my favorite writers. My favorite superheroes couples are Midnighter and Apollo. They seem to be flirting a lot, but will they have their first kiss soon? I saw them in the Authority, but I also want it to be made official in DC universe as well (Fangirling ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Are you planning to take their relationship slowly to build suspend? This is just a suggestion, but can Midnighter loses his chin-spike? It looks so out of place. I would love to see his coat makes a comeback. He just looks so much better with it. I’m looking forward to your run. I love the introduction of the Red Lantern. I can’t wait to see what comes next. :3

    • Heather

      Sorry, one more thing though, does Midnighter still have the love for children? I was surprised he left his (previously) adopted daughter to die. I always think of Midnighter as a badass with a heart, so it caught me by surprise when he did that to Jenny. It’s strange because Midnighter wouldn’t even kill Hitler as a kid.

  • Me

    Hello, Mr. Milligan! I just wanted to check in and say I’ve recently started buying your Hellblazer run in trade paperback, and it may very well end up being my favorite Hellblazer run ever! Just finished the “India” volume and I don’t know what else to say, other than I really feel you’re nailing the character as well as, or better than, anyone ever has before. Just bought the Bloody Carnations trade today. I’m also looking forward to your Stormwatch run, and I strongly second any other requests you’ve had, asking you to write Midnighter’s chin-spike out of existence! How’s he supposed to spoon Apollo with that ridiculous thing on his face??? I know you’ll think of something.

    • Milligan

      Thanks, high praise indeed.

      And at the risk of trying to push you to buy stuff I’ve written, check out the 32 page Hellblazer special. It’s called Suicide Bridge and drawn by Simon Bisley. I was really pleased with it. In fact, it meant an awful lot to me.

      I’m coming around to being ambivalent about the chin spike. What’s important is why Midnighter wears it–and how Apollo feels about it. All will be revealed in forthcoming issues of Stormwatch.

      • Me

        I assume the Suicide Bridge story wasn’t collected in the Phantom Pains trade? That’s the only one I don’t have yet. If not, I’ll certainly track it down!

        Also, sorry if this has already been asked by someone else, but do you already know how long you intend to stay on Hellblazer? I personally hope you do a 70 issue run like you did with Shade. I also hope they print more volumes of Shade trades, but I have my doubts as far as that’s concerned.

        Anyway, thanks for all the good work.

  • daRn

    I like comics, I really do, so I can’t explain why I read issues 1 to 60-odd of Shade the Changing Man when it was published, but only read the final arc today. It’s like a strange form of time travel, and is actually quite a nice feeling. My apologies for being late to that particular party.
    My question is (or questions are): what happened to the Shade mini-series mentioned? Also, after Shade 70, where was the next appearance of the character? My next encounter with him was your current run of Hellblazer, but it feels like I missed something somewhere.
    While I have all your Red Lantern and JL Dark issues, I’ve not actually read them yet, but will do damned soon.
    I do however promise to read Stormwatch as it is published and not to be so lazy.

    Reading between the lines, I guess it wasn’t your decision to leave JL Dark, but then working for DC must have a few down-sides.
    Is it just me, or is it getting harder and harder to find a reasonably lengthy run from a creative team on a particular monthly book (although you do seem to be doing quite well with Hellblazer)? I know art has changed with better paper and printing and is probably more time consuming, but making comics shorter isn’t the answer. Whenever someone stays on a book for more than a year, it’s a bigger deal than it ever used to be.
    I can only hope you find your groove on one of DC’s books and are allowed to keep going (for as long as you want to obviously), and match the serial epic-ness of Shade or X-Force/Statix.

    Always a pleasure,


    • Milligan

      Darn, thanks for all of this. I can only say that how I got here, I am totally into Stormwatch. And I think and hope I’m creating stories and fleshing out characters that’ll intrigue readers old and new. AND the issue of Midnighter’s chin spike will be discussed by some of the characters. It’s not only some of the users of this site who don’t like the look of it.

  • Joe David Soliz

    Bring Midnighter’s trench coat back! That is all. ;p

    – Joe David Soliz (Wildstorm Addiction podcast)

  • Richard

    If there’s anyone in contemporary comics guaranteed to write good trench-coat, it’s you Peter! There’s an obvious twill & leather-themed cross-over to be had there with the scoundrel mage of the JLD and The Midnighter.

    At the least, the restored trench-coat will allow The Midnighter deep pockets in which to pop the daft chin-spike when he’s off duty. And when Apollo and his partner finally consummate the growing relationship, what’s Apollo going to say, “Get your chinspike, love. You’ve pulled”?

    • Milligan

      Ha ha! I was thinking of replacing MIdnighter’s chin-spike but with what? A pineapple shaped bludgeon? A bright red plastic penis? The latter would certainly distract opponents.

      Personally I can see the point of ditching the chin-thing. But not sure if we need to have Lucas wearing a trench coat. I mean, if it was pissing down and Stormwatch had to wear coats then a trench coat would be his
      preference but I don’t like the idea of him lying around The Eye of the Storm with a dirty great bloody trench coat on. Also, those coats aren’t all that practical for fighting in. Not the kind of nifty martial arts that MIdnighter indulges in.

      • Jill

        I missed this one before, just saw it. I know you were joking, but why does he have to replace it with anything? most cowls don’t have anything on the chin. Also, bastard, I thought you were on team coat ๐Ÿ˜› while I don’t think he has to wear it ALL the time, I still vote for the coat in the field. One – cool trumps practicality in comics, and the coat is all kinds of cool. And anyway, he’s such a skilled fighter, he can easily compensate. If Batman can have a cape that reaches to his ankles, or even drags on the floor depending on the artist, and still be effective, Midnighter can have a coat. Plus it’s not like it had NO use: http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lrhawmUJj51qmm6lio1_500.png ok, yeah, it was kind of a joke panel… but still.

      • Sam

        “Ha ha! I was thinking of replacing MIdnighterโ€™s chin-spike but with what?”

        Bollock tickler. Obvious, really. I know Apollo’s invulnerable and everything, but nobody appreciates a spike right “there”. Well, some people do, but that’s a bit more “niche” than I think you need to go.

  • Sarah

    Hi, Mr. Milligan – just another fan looking forward to your work on Stormwatch, especially if it means something happens other than everyone sitting around discussing each others’ powers all day and never doing anything! I heard you were “open” to strong fan opinions about the Midnighter’s costume as well, and I just wanted to say, DOWN WITH THE CHINSPIKE! That thing must die. And also, I know that like many long-established couples in their domain/s, DC editorial made the decision to break up Apollo and the Midnighter so the fans can see their relationship as it progresses and deepens and they realize their love for each other….but, maybe they also broke up the Midnighter and his trenchcoat so that fans can see their relationship as it progresses and deepens and they realize their love for each other? Just a thought! SO looking forward to next month’s Stormwatch. Keep on doing!

  • Matt Yniguez

    hello. i am really looking forward to your run on Stormwatch. i definitely feel it can become one of DC’s flagship titles. but like many fans i hate Midnighter’s new costume. i understand DC wanting to make him look less like Batman but something better has to be an option. if you brought back the trench coat all you’d have to do was change the mask a bit. maybe make it look more like Captain America’s, with the nose exposed. Midnighter is a super-soldier after all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jose

      Every forum I visit and everyone I know agrees Midnighter’s costume should love the spikes and add the trenchcoat.

      I would personally like to see the Eminence of Blades as a good guy. Greatest Swordsman that ever lived sounds way to cool to let be a villain.

    • Austin

      The chinspike is a bit over-done, and while Midnighter is a superhuman-supercomputer killer, I and most of everyone I’ve come across thinks the chinspike is not his character at all. I’d personally love to see maybe an updated version of his trenchcoat design; but lord not the chinspike please!

      Otherwise, I’ll be waiting for the next Stormwatch.

  • Gallagher

    Dear Peter, I’ve admired your work ever since I got into comics reading your Shade the Changing Man series. Since then through the modern miracle (or nightmare) that is ebay, I’ve managed to get my hands a good portion of your library. I’ve found almost all of them to be brilliant, however recently your work just doesn’t have that same charm, and the dialogues been falling a little clunky here and there, especially with JLD. Justice League Dark was the one title I was actually looking forward to in the new fifty two, but ever since day one I’ve found it nothing but disappointing. There were concepts and ideas I enjoyed individually, but the story itself didn’t flow, and some of the dialogue was out right ridiculous like Shade mentioning what his M-Vest did every time he used it, or saying stuff like ‘by the Metan gods!’. Although the worst part had to be Mindwarp, you thew him into the story pretty hastily and never really gave us a reason to care about him whatsoever. I know you probably had something set up to do it down the line, but he just came off like he was a cardboard plot device rather than a person.
    Sorry for the little rant, but what I’m trying to get at is you’ve mentioned that editorial was pushing you to make this more of a superheroey story than what you were comfortable with. Was anything I mentioned caused by that editorial push? Cause with the news that you’re gonna have more breathing room with Stormwatch is making me excited to see the, romantic, decadent, postmodern, and surrealist elements that made me fall in love with your works, return to it again.

  • rayegunn

    Hi, Peter. I am both a fan of yours, and of The Authority, who had been disappointed in the first arc of Stormwatch. I have high hopes for your run, though, don’t let me down ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do have one fangirl request. My favourites are Apollo and Midnighter, and I was thrilled to death to see that Apollo had white hair again on the most recent covers for Stormwatch and Red Lanterns (and I hope that wasn’t a colouring error). It’s good to see him starting to look more like himself. But Midnighter…. Please, I know this may be out of your hands, but please try and do something. He needs his coat back. Long, black and leather. Midnighter without a coat is like Constantine without his, it’s just not right. (also, the chin spike needs to go.)

    PS. really liked this week’s issue of JLD. it felt like things were clicking into place with the team dynamics and all, so it’s kind of a shame to see you gone in just one more issue. But, got Stormwatch to look forward to, so… guess i can’t complain too much.

    • Milligan

      Hmm. You make some interesting points, Rayegunn, and I’m always ready to listen to a “fangirl”. Must admit, I’m a bit ambivalent about Midnighter’s chin spike. Does anyone else have any strong opinions on this subject?

      I’m just mapping out issue eleven of Stormwatch. This is my third issue. Working title is: THE DAY THAT STORMWATCH DIED. Though I don’t want to give anything away…

  • sigismund

    Hi Peter,

    I owe you some apologies, when you kindly asked me what would be the best between new issues of THE EXTREMIST or THE EATERS..I answered ” both”, as if it was so easy..

    THE EXTREMIST feels like WATCHMEN to me, better, untouched, even if the story could be revisited (I had this vision, done by Teddy Kristiansen, well, I can’t explain..anyway…..) while something about a family of cannibals like THE EATERS (and by that, all the cannibals of the WORLD…) are the stories the world of today needs.

    I’m also hardly militating for a ROGAN GOSH and THE PROGRAMME ongoings, if any, by various artists.
    I don’t know if DC had realized that you could save them all by yourself..

    Really expecting your STORMWATCH, and more of your RED LANTERNS,


    • Milligan

      Thanks Sigismund. And you never have to apologise for anything here (within reason). I must admit I have sometimes got hankerings for re-visiting The Extremist. Seems there was so much potential. The suit, its history, what it might do to an otherwise straight-laced individual. Then again, the finite original story worked well and said what it wanted to say–so maybe it’s best to leave well alone.

      Just finished doing final notes for my first Stormwatch (issue 9). This involves a strange character from renaissance Italty–and an insane appearance by a wild thing from Red Lanterns. It’s got heart. It’s weirdness. It’s got a nasty amputation. What more do you want from a book?

  • Jose

    Dear Mr. Milligan,

    I’m super excited about your upcoming Stormwatch books. While I like Paul Cornell and his work, I was a bit disappointed to see Harry Tanner become a villain. Male hero swordsman characters in comics these days seem to an endangered species. Guys with claws…sure. Girls with swords….sure. Guys with swords….sure but pretty much all of them were or are villain or are in character limbo.

    Anyway my question is there any chance Harry Tanner can be redeemed as a hero?

    Looking forward to your run.

  • Chance

    Well hello, Mr. Milligan. I have to say you are easily my favorite comic book writer. It is a goal of mine to become a comic book writer and you’re my number one source of inspiration. I feel that me and you have the same ideas and concepts when it comes to our writing. Every time I read one of your stories, I feel like I know exactly what you are saying. I gave my girlfriend a copy of Face and it blew her away. We are both amazed by how little of your work has been recollected into trades or collections. I feel that there is so much of your work that I am missing out on. Anyway, I’m sure you get this a lot but do you have any sort of advice for a writer that is trying to get his foot into the door of writing comics? I really feel strong about my scripts and just really could use some advice. I hope you’re well and I hope that you keep showing aspiring writers like myself how it’s done. Thanks!

  • Richie

    Im sorry Mr. Milligan I don’t mean to waste your time but I’m a bit confused by the answer you gave. So let me see if i have this right. apocalypse does have Cables dna in him from there blood mixing that allows him to reconstitute or clone a new body for himself but it doesn’t really mean anything nor does it make them related.

    thank you for your time I hope i waste much of a bother

  • Richie

    I loved your marvel especially your blood of apocalypse story line and the prequel fabian nicieza did to it. so I was wondering if you can help me on a aspect of a story point im a bit confused on.

    when apocalypse was given the ability to reconstitute his body from cables blood and techno organics he technically inherited summers dna within him self?

    • Milligan

      Richie, I think the genetics of these creatures is a bit more complex than that. But – the way I read it – even if the big A did inherit a lot of Cable’s dna that doesn’t necessarily indicate much. Most of the people on this planet share a lot of dna and you get all kinds of different people. This is just my opinion and of course might be contradicted by some future Marvel storyline where Apocalypse shares something much closer to Cable.

      All the best!

  • Anonymous


    Really quick post. Are you going to be at the London supercon in a couple of weeks? Also I really, really loved the Suicide Bridge story in the Hellblazer annual, think it’s one of my favourite storylines you’ve done so far.
    I was really sad at the end but also weirdly happy.



    • Milligan


      Yes, I shall be popping along to the London supercon, on the Saturday. I don’t know if i’m an official guest as I didn’t get around to confirming that I could make it until a few days ago. So I’ll just be hanging around for a few hours.

      I’m really glad that you enjoyed Suicide Bridge. That story meant a lot to me.

      • Anonymous


        I’m may well be working there so may well wave from behind a bunch of comics if I see you.

        Have fun.


  • Robert O Shea

    hey Peter, just read your latest Hellblazer ( first part of the Hell storyline). Love it so far! I’m slowly starting to like Gemma. Just a note on you leaving Justice League Dark, is it harder when you read in the mainstream DC universe rather than for Vertigo etc? Are there more constraints and demands and does that stiffle or make better your creativity? And how much would I need to bribe you to get you to write a one shot issue for Vertigo about the Lenny Shapiro? Last time we saw her she was some sort of teacher in Helllblazer. I want to know more about what the great Lenny is up to in 2012. Gotta go, it’s the Sevens in Wellington NZ this weekend so it’s costume madness! Rob

  • Milligan

    It’s pretty much common knowledge now that I am leaving JL Dark and taking over the writing duties at Stormwatch. I have to say, I was a bit sad to be leaving the characters at “Dark” but – and this is no “glass half full look on the bright sight” bullshit – but I am really excited about working on Stormwatch. In many ways I think it is a much better “fit” for me than JL Dark, seeing as DC were putting pressure on me to make it less dark and more jl. That is, more superhero-centric.

    • Melvin

      I absolutely LOVED your JL Dark stories! The flying teeth were an especially creepy touch. I was also impressed with how different your take on Zatanna was from previous versions yet, she still seemed so familiar. Unfortunately, I’ll never know what will happen with that initial JLD team and all the juicy relationship drama you so cleverly weaved into the story. Nor, I suspect, will I see June Moon or the Enchantress in such a way any time soon.
      I’ve enjoyed your storytelling since GIRL and Infinity Inc. was bizarre and fun!
      Stormwatch #9, to no surprise, was excellent! I’m glad you’re excited about Stormwatch because I’m really looking forward to having my mind blown!! It’s surprising to me how, in a single issue, a character I knew nothing about could suddenly become a favorite. Midnighter, a gay man with a penchant for killing? I’m already hooked.
      Keep doing what you do!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Peter,
      Greetings from an Irish men in New Zealand., I was just on the way to the library to do my writing when I dropped into the local comic store ( it’s open on a Sunday now, not good, I need to avoid that store!). Anyway I saw and just bought The Best of Milligan and McCarthy. Fecking hell! I’m just looking at this amazing volume now and it brings me back to the time I was kid/teenager in Dublin and you and McCarthy cracked my head open with stories like Skin and Rogan Josh. I lost all that stuff years ago in between moving from one city to another and I am so glad to have this very cool book now. McCarthy still rocks in 2013 ( loved that Zaucher of Zilk story he did recently for 2000AD, he still draws like a God). And I’ve loved all your stuff ( I got my boyfriend to get me the complete Shade the Changing Man back issues on Ebay on my birthday last year! It’s okay he’s been about for ten years now so he knows how much of a geek I am . Anyway I loved your stuff on Hellblazer ( and was so happy to see Lenny briefly return) and I can’t wait to see your new stuff for Vertigo and Dynamite this year. What can I say? I’m a big fan of you and McCarthy, and this book collecting your early work reminds me of you have both filled my brain with mad psychedelic colours and subversive dreams. I’m signing off now before I sound like a complete and utter geek fanboy. Over and Out! Rob ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Rob O' Shea

        Oh and one last thing! A question. Would you ever go back and do a story for 2000AD again? I’d love to see you back in those pages again. A guest star appearance, you know like Kylie Minogue briefly returning to Ramsey Street ! he! he! Rob ๐Ÿ™‚

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