Welcome to the new forum of Peter Milligan. 2011

7 responses to “musings


    I can still recall the look of my puke sliding over those hard lights

  • Me

    I i love your work so much mr milligan you have no idea im hoping you’ve completely forgotten about this forum i dont know if i would be writing this if i knew otherwise.
    you’ve really stolen my heart you know..

  • Eloi F Valle Urbina

    Hello Mr. Milligan. Im a Spanish fan of your work. I readed Enigma two years ago. I finish Fine Arts in the last year and I think that you are the culprit of i am studing how make comics now (Mckee, Mccloud, Eisner, etc). Thanks a lot! (i think..)

    Spanish greetings of Eloi F Valle Urbina

  • Jim the King of comical asides

    I have had many heroes in my life but you Milligan, you are the zenith of my comix pyramid,
    the very apex of multi-hued
    colour separations that make life a joy and a positive torment!!

  • Mirko Kovačević

    Hello Peter! My name is Mirko (your fan from Bosnia, one and only; sad but true). Sorry for my broken english, but i’m drunk in this moment. Your Hellblazer run is one of my favourite. (Shade was fantastic!) My questions is: Do you like Joy Division?! P.S. Kathy is my one and true love…

    • Peter Milligan

      Hey Mirko

      Glad you’re liking Hellblazer. So, Epiphany has taken the place of Kathy in your heart, no?

      Joy Division were great, yeah. Some of their stuff, anyway. Not exactly the stuff I’d automatically want to listen to but when I hear a lot of their songs – the obvious ones – I like it.


  • RS

    What comics do you regularly read, Peter? Anything good on the shelves you can recommend fans and followers?


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